Behavior Procedures

Individual Behavior


Clips will be used in the classroom to hold students accountable for their behavior on an individual basis. It is the student’s goal to leave at the end of the day on green, blue, turquoise or purple. No student will be asked to move a clip unless they have already received one warning. Students will record their color at the end of the day on their Weekly Agenda. Teacher notes will be added to the Weekly Agenda explaining why the student was told to clip down/up. I appreciate any assistance you may give with rewarding exceptional classroom behavior at home. I make it my personal goal to utilize positive reinforcement and patience in my classroom. I will exhaust all means to ensure that each student knows and understands what good choices look like, sound like, and feel like.

The following is an explanation of our Behavior Clip Chart. Outstanding (purple), Excellent Choices (turquoise), Great Effort (blue), and Ready to Learn (green) means your child made good choices and may have even shown me exceptional behavior. Think About it (yellow), Make Better Choices (orange) and Parent Contact (red) means your child made one or more mistakes and had a tough day.

**Note: For serious behavior such as intentionally hitting another student, destroying school property, threatening others, and violation of other offenses listed in the student handbook, the student will go straight to red, a phone call will be made, and a note will be sent home. Visiting the principal may also happen at this time if necessary.

2.Banana Bucks

Banana Bucks will be used as a rewards system in the classroom. Students can receive Banana Bucks by doing many different things. For example; following directions while other are distracted, helping a friend, helping the teacher, cleaning up a mess and many others. Students will be praised for their good behavior and will be asked to get a Banana Buck. Banana Bucks can also be taken away. If a student makes a bad decision I can ask them to pay me a buck.


Whole Class Behavior

We will have a scoreboard in the classroom. Throughout the day I will use the score board to keep students on task and involved in lessons. On one side of the board is a happy face and on the other is a sad face. If the class is staying on task, listening, and doing a great job participating I will give a point to the happy face. If at any time the class is distracted or not following directions I might give a sad face. At the end of the day, if we have more happy faces than sad faces then I will add a point to the scoreboard. When we have ten points we will have 15 minutes of free time in our classroom.