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Our conduct focuses on building a culture of respect using collaboration. Class building is the process by which a class full of students with different backgrounds and experiences become a caring community of learners. Every day we say the Life Goals: Do the right thing and treat people right.

  • The students enjoyed creating their own anti-bullying posters.  These can be viewed in our photo gallery.


    In order to provide an environment in which all students can learn, it is important that the students know, understand, and follow the classroom procedures.  These are the procedures for our second grade classroom:
    1.  Do the right thing
    2. Treat people right

    These are the consequences for not following the procedures:
    1.  Verbal warning
    2.  Entry on conduct card: conduct grade lowered 1 point
    3. Additional misbehavior may result in a referral to the office or a loss of privileges and conduct grade lowered another point.

    Serious offenses, such as bullying, fighting, inappropriate language, stealing, etc. will not receive a warning.

    Students consistently having difficulty following the classroom procedures may have an individual discipline plan developed. If this occurs, parents will be notified and included in the planning of this.
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