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Laura Noble, Principal

Laura Noble
  Welcome to William Tell Elementary, a school with C.L.A.S.S.!   We firmly believe that Connecting Learning Assures Successful Students (C.L.A.S.S.), so it is our goal to make connections with students every day.  In order to experience our climate, you must enter our building.  So, please, come visit!  Through character education, we reinforce daily lifeskills that are vital to success not just for students now, but for a lifetime.    We believe that if students learn to “Do the Right Thing and Treat People Right,” this will carry over into good life-long decision-making.  We also believe setting clear expectations and procedures creates a climate that is safe, inviting, and accepting of new ideas.  The compliments we receive on our well-behaved students prove the effectiveness of C.L.A.S.S.
We have also created a “Community” at William Tell Elementary, where teachers and students collaborate in order to learn and grow.  Whether teachers are  reading a professional book and  discussing its implication for the classroom  or students are sitting in “Community Circle” to solve a conflict that began on the playground, we believe it is through this communication that we learn and grow to be more accepting and to make better choices.
Finally, through the strong curriculum that is offered, William Tell Elementary has been rated an "A" school and continues to show increases in test scores.  With a foundation in research-based teaching, the curriculum offered reflects problem solving and invites students to explore more than one way to solve a problem.   The adopted science program is completely hands-on, which is how young children learn science.  With award winning academic teams at all levels in the corporation, this strong differentiated curriculum prepares the students to be successful in our global society.
We offer numerous recreational and enrichment activities during and after school, such as our FREE On Target after-school program.  From 3-6 p.m. on schooldays, your child can remain at school and enjoy recreational time, computer lab work, library time, enrichment opportunities, and tutoring.  We also have academic teams, a strong commitment to our wellness program, and technology that includes an introduction to iPADS.   Students utilize iPADS in the classroom, conduct online scientific investigations in Science Bowl, and take formal keyboarding starting in 2nd grade.  These are just a few examples of how we are preparing students as 21st Century learners.


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