WTE Broadcast Team

William Tell Elementary is currently in it's third year with a Broadcast Team. The Team is responsible for creating, shooting, and editing video for the school. They have recently created videos for Mr. Bones at STEM City. Mr. Bones is a life size skeleton, with QR codes that when scanned by students takes them to a video of the bone and it's function. They are also responsible for the "Friday Funnies" and creating videos for the school website. Friday Funnies highlights the lighter side of elementary school and features challenges, skits, bloopers, and various other scenarios that come before the team. A new adventure added last year is the introduction of drones. Drone pilots for the team go through a series of training before flying our DJI drone.
The team is open to current fifth and sixth graders and will begin accepting fourth graders toward the end of the year. With help from the Perry County Community Foundation for their equipment, the Broadcast Team is set to begin live broadcasting sometime this year. The Tricaster Mini featured below is used for their live broadcasts.
For videos of their past broadcasts visit:

Students use a Tricaster Mini for their live shows.

Olivia L. directs a scene at WTE studios.Students rehearse a scene in front of the green screen at WTE.