Raise The Lid Award

Tell City Jr. - Sr. High School would like to recognize this quarter’s Raise the Lid winner is Amanda Atkins.  The Raise the Lid award is given to a member of the faculty who goes above and beyond their duty.  The winner is nominated by the student body and selected by the Renaissance Leadership class.  Amanda Atkins received Books-A-Million gift card,Chocolate Almond bar, a case of Diet Coke and the Raise the Lid Award, which she will add her signature to and hold on to until next quarter’s Raise the Lid winner is announced.
Past Raise The Lid Winners 
Feb 2005 Michele Cassidy
April 2005 Dan Lacy
Sept 2005 Dave Alvey
Oct 2005 Amy Kel
Dec 2005 Jeanne Sanders
Feb 2006 Barry Reasoner
April 2006 Bill Alvey
Sept 2006 Dan Hall
Dec 2006 John Lynos 

Feb 2007

Shelly Goodrich
April 2007 Patsy Alvey
Oct 2007 Gelenn Goffinet
December 2007 Jay Johnson
Feb 2008 Andy Sommer
April 2008 Tina Kessinger
May 2008 GInger Krieg
Oct 2008 Nick Weyer 
Dec 2008 Kenny Kleemann
Feb 2009 Dan Hall
April 2009 Dan Lacy
Oct 2009 Harvey Britton
Dec 2009 Ron Robinson
January 2010 Bob Kreilein
March 2010 Marice Harpenau 
April 2010 Rachel East
Ocorober 2010 Gre Kincaid
December 2010 Joanie Howland
April 2011 Chris Hollinden
October 2011 Jeanne Sanders
December 2011 Dave Alvey
May 2012  Rick Johnson
October 2012 JohnSmitson
January 2013 Jason Wilkerson
May 2013 Glenn Goffinet
October 2013 Bob Kreilein 
January 2014 Natasha Edmondson 
May 2014 Amy Kehl 
October 2014 Shelly Goodrich
January 2015 Jennifer Teague 
May 2015 John Lyons 
October 2015  Dan Lacy 
February 2016 John Atkins 
May 2016 Becky Aldridge 
October 2016 Amanda Atkins 
January 2017 Larry Peter 
May 2017  Josh Teague