Drama Club

Directors: Mrs. Stath and Ms. Peter


Club Information

Membership Fees - No Fee

Goals - The goal of this Drama Club is to introduce students to the performing arts, to encourage participation, and to offer an opportunity for socialization.

Cast Members: "The High-Schooler's Guide To The Galaxy".

Elliot Reed, Emma Scott, Maryann Miller, Emma Severson, Dalton  Kessinger, Coby McCallister, Dylan King, Kenzie Burgess, Elizabeth Areson, Cloey Pledger, Kayleigh Plaza, Levi Nash, Brooklyn King, Sam McCollom, Jaxon Naviaux, Mikko Chapman, Will Hammond, Lily Marion, Rebekah Sander, Amani Severson, Maggie Rockwell. 

Upcoming Events: 
The Drama Club will be presenting "The High-Schooler's Guide To The Galaxy". 
Showtimes are March 8th & 9th at 7:00, and March 10th at 2:00. 
Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students. 
TCJSHS Drama Club