Renaissance Programs

Student Recognition Programs:

Academic Pep Rally: Held once a year for the entire student body with the public invited to attend.  This is the single largest Renaissance celebration of the year.  It recognizes students for outstanding leadership in and out of school, academics, attendance, etc.  Rewards vary from t-shirts and pens to medals, trophies, and certificates of achievement. It is held in the Bryan Taylor Sports Arena.


Renaissance Leadership Class: This class is to teach students how to implement, maintain, and grow in Renaissance.  To learn to research, organize and fund the recognition of performance, the promotion of high standards and the acquisition of valued partnerships.


Academic Kickoff: This is something we do to start the year off right. It recognizes the students and the staff, and educates everyone about what Renaissance is about, and it's about having a little fun.


Perfect Attendance: Issued each semester to all students with perfect attendance.  Enables all students with perfect attendance first semester to be reconized and rewarded at the Academic Kick Off.  Enables all students with perfect attendance for second semester and the full year to be recognized and rewarded at the Academic Pep Rally.


Scholar Athletic Team: Issued once for each sports season to the team with the combined highest average GPA.  Recognizes team at public events with presentation of plaque.  Individual team members receive a certificate and a photo and article are submitted to the local newspaper.


20/20 Wednesday: Issued on Wednesdays every week of the school year to a first period class with perfect attendance and chromebooks for that day.  Enables the class to receive muffins and smoothies.


Stretch Award: Issued each nine weeks to one student per grade with the highest improvement in GPA.  Enables students and a guest to receive breakfast off-campus with transportation.  All students with an improvement of .5 or better receive a congratulatory letter.


Students of the Month:  Issued each month to one student per grade.  Enables students to attend breakfast off-campus , a free T-shirt and be recognized in the local paper.  All students nominated receive a congratulatory letter.


Marksmen Cards: Students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the nine-week grading period will receive a Marksmen card to receive a special treat during homeroom.


Spirit Jug/Banner Contest:  This is a year long competition between the classes to encourage school involvement, pride, and spirit.  The class awarded the spirit jug for specified events has their flag displayed in the jug until the next event.  The spirit banner is then also displayed in their class hall.  The class who wins the jug the most for the entire year is given a year-end reward.


Birthday Cupcakes: The Birthday Recognition is a way to recognize students on their birthdays. Members of the leadership class deliver cupcakes on the last Friday of each month. They will be able to be picked up during their lunch shift in the cafeteria.


Senior Graduation Pledge: Seniors are invited to commencement by Renaissance and pledge to diligently strive to graduate by putting their handprint on their class sheet and signing their names.


College Pennants: The Student Steering Committee recognizes our seniors as they make decisions on what they want to do after high school. College letters of acceptance and military commitments will be posted in the senior hall.


Lip Sync: Sponsored entertainment for students and public. Students and staff lip-sync and do acts to songs and get judged by members of the community.


Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction: Is a fundraiser for Renaissance where the community can purchase a ticket to a Spaghetti dinner in the Red Apple Inn on the evening of the annual Hall of Fame Induction. There will also be a silent auction during the dinner.


Yard Sale: Renaissance holds a yard sale to raise money for future events. It is held in the auxialry gym.


Student Steering Committee: The Student Steering Committee is comprised of past Renaissance students that help the current Renaissance class with projects.


Hot Chocolate Surprise: In order to promote good attendance Renaissance class will randomly choose a day and bring Hot Chocolate to you on a cold winter's day.




Staff Recognition Programs:


Raise the Lid: Recognizes teachers and faculty for showing excellent school spirit, giving time before and after school, encouraging his or her students, setting high expectations, and raising the school's standards.  It is awarded every nine weeks.


Teacher Appreciation: Every year, the Leadership class provides a gift to our staffulty during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Dave Scott Years of Service Award: During the Academic Pep Rally each year teachers receive an award of thanks for their dedication and number of years of service to TCHS, in memory of David Scott. Mr. Scott was a graduate of TCHS and a member of our custodial staff from that time until his retirement. He is fondly remembered in our community for his outstanding dedication to the Marksmen.


Community Involvement Programs:

Century Club: Consists of all businesses and community partners who pledge to donate $100 per year for 10 years to the Renaissance program.  Recognizes these contributions at  through public presentations, and on the school billboard/sign.


Newspaper Articles: Written articles in local newspaper to keep the community informed and updated on what Renaissance in Action is doing.