Student Steering Committee


The Student Steering Committee consists of past Renaissance members that help the current Renaissance class with projects and skits.

Here's a list of the Student Steering Committee members:

Lizzy Kehl 

Will Simpson

Maryann Miller

Sidney Taylor

Shay Brager

Chloe Carman

Spencer Fest

Brenna Franzman

Linzie Hellums 

Kirsten James

Grace Kreilein

Caleb Malcomson

Jenna Harris

Blake Padgett

Cloey Pledger

Elliot Reed

Cameron Riley

Taylor Goffinet

Nate Kaiser 

Elizabeth Swihart 

Caitlin Teague

Trevin Terry 

Sean Kelly

Ryan Morgan 

Kacie Scales 

Emma Scott

Beth Whitworth

Jaren Hartweck

Braeden Beard 

Sarah Herren