Scholar Athletic Team

Issued once for each sports season to the team with the combined highest average GPA.  Recognizes team at public events with presentation of plaque.  Individual team members receive a certificate and a photo and article are submitted to the local newspaper.


Past Scholar Athletic Teams
Fall 2004 Girls Golf
Winter 2004 Girls Basketball
Spring 2005 Girls Tennis
Fall 2005 Girls Cross Country
Winter 2005 Girls Basketball
Spring 2006 Girls Track
Fall 2006 Girls Golf
Winter 2006 Girls Basketball
Spring 2007 Girls Track

Fall 2007

Girls Cross Country
Winter 2007 Girls Basketball
Spring 2008 Girls Tennis
Fall 2008 Boys Tennis
Winter 2008 Girls Swimming
Spring 2009 Girls Tennis
Fall 2009 Co-ed Soccer
Winter 2009 Girls Swimming
Spring 2010 Girls Track
Fall 2010 Boys Tennis
Winter 2010 Girls Swimming
Spring 2011 Girls Tennis
Fall 2011 Girls Cross Country
Winter 2011  Girls Swimming
Spring 2012 Girls Tennis
Fall 2012 Boys Tennis
Winter 2013 Girls Basketball
Spring 2013 Girls Tennis
Fall 2013 Boys Tennis
Winter 2014 Girls Swimming
Spring 2014 Boys Tennis
Fall 2014 Boys Tennis
Winter 2015 Girls Swimming
Spring 2015 GIrls Tennis

Fall 2016

GIrls Golf
Winter 2016 Girls Basketball 
Spring 2016 Girls Track