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Eli Takes out the Garbage

Hey mom, give Eli a robot and he'll take out the garbagesmiley Eli B. used an ultrasonic sensor and a color sensor to effectively dump the trash. Jordan G,,Brayden L. ,and Tori H., were also successful using different methods.

STEM water pipeline

Ms. Mile's 2nd/3rd graders were team leaders for the K/‚Äč1st graders.  They built water pipelines to deliver water with minimal leaking.  

LCROSS simulation Summer STEM

Students simulated the NASA spacecraft  LCROSS searching for water on the moon.   The spacecraft is supposed to hit the "target" which is a crater on the moon

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Welcome to William Tell Elementary

Welcome to William Tell Elementary, a school with C.L.A.S.S.! We firmly believe that Connecting Learning Assures Successful Students (C.L.A.S.S.), so it is our goal to make connections with students every day. In order to experience our climate, you must enter our building. So, please, come visit! Through character education, we reinforce daily lifeskills that are vital to success not just for students now, but for a lifetime. We believe that if students learn to “Do the Right Thing and Treat People Right,” this will carry over into good life-long decision-making. We ...

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