Pep Club

Let's go out and support all athletes and make some noise!




On January the 6 the Boys Varsity will host Hancock County and be the Pep Club should be ready for a pizza party from the PSC Holiday Tourney.

Mrs. Atkins and Mr. Hayes

Membership Fee: $10


        These are the new 2016-17 Pep Club Officers!


Jessica Turner Senior
Cadi Axton Senior
Tony Miller Senior
David Teague Senior
Baylie Peter Senior
Emma Kohnert Senior
 Moragn Schuetter Junior
Whitaker Lyons Junior
Preston Hendershot Junior
Taylynn Smith Junior
Nick Smith  Junior
Rachel Malone Junior




Flag Football Games

Flag Football championship games  will be held on Monday November 14th. At 6pm the  girls Senior and Sophmore team will take on the girls Junior and Freshmen team. Then at 6:45 the boys Junior team  will battle the Sophmore team. The Bragging Rights games will play at 7:30 and 8:15. The Women's Staff and Faculty will play the Girls Champion at 6:45 then the Men's Staff and Faculty will play the Boys Winner in the final contest.

Come out and enjoy the fun at Legion Field!